Ways to Organize a Chocolate Inspired Birthday Party

Kids just cannot ignore a chocolaty delight. That’s exactly why for every single children’s party, moms and dads’ should never forget to include delicious chocolate treats on the party menu. If chocolate treats will make a kid’s party a success, imagine what it would be like if you set up a chocolate themed blowout for your child’s next birthday. It is no doubt that a birthday party with an “oh, so tasty” chocolate theme is an event that every single youngster in your neighborhood will never hope to miss. Therefore, if you would like to amaze your kid and make him joyful on his birthday, here are several ideas on how to prepare a chocolate inspired party theme.

Chocolate Bar Party Invites – To give your guests a sneak preview of your child’s chocolate themed party, send out chocolate bar invitation cards. If you plan on sending the invitation cards to your guests in person, you can shop for actual chocolate bars and peel off the paper wrapper and switch it with your own wrapper that consists of the specifics of the affair. If you plan on having them delivered through mail service, you can use fake chocolate bars.

Chocolate Treats – This should be one of the highlights in your party. It’s a good thing that chocolate presents a rich array of food options, you can serve food items that will both surprise and delight the kids. You can make use of a chocolate fountain as a mouth watering attraction, served with a vast assortment of dipping treats such as fruits, marshmallows, biscotti, gummy candies, baklava, diced nuts, fruitcake, potato chips, pretzels, meringue desserts, animal biscuits and a whole lot more. You can either buy or find a chocolate fountain for rent.

You could also serve some chocolate layered unusual animal cookies like grasshoppers, squids, frogs and lizards.

Games and Activities– To cheer up your child’s party, make sure to prepare a couple of fun games for the kids to enjoy. You can play candy bar guessing game. Arrange a couple of bite-size chocolates and candies of different labels. Give the participants a taste of all the goodies you readied for the game and allow them to guess the label of each one. You can prepare a box full of gold coin chocolates and the child that provides the most number of correct guesses brings home the reward.

You may also let the kids adorn their own chocolate cakes. Instead of buying a sizable birthday cake, you can also think about baking a couple of chocolate cupcakes for the birthday party and let the children do the decorating. Provide each of your child’s friends a cupcake and some chocolate frosting, candy sprinkles, diced candies, icing tubes and other sweet decorating treats. They will undoubtedly have a lot more fun eating their own masterpieces.

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