41 thoughts on “Smoked Beef Jerky, How to make it”

  1. I love beef jerky, but I’ve never tried that blend from Academy. I may have
    to try it after seeing you using it. Looked wonderful JB!!!!

  2. Ok , Your smoaked beef jerky thank you make it so simple,NOW ! Mr J.B.
    ,Your crackling/ or pork skins… that is just amazing im definitely doing
    both of them.

  3. Nice job JB. I was thrilled when I saw you made a jerky video, but was a
    little bit disappointed when you used already pre-cut meat strips and a
    store bought dry seasoning mix. I made some myself last week by slicing up
    eye of round roast and marinated it overnight in a wet marinade I made from
    a recipe online. I made the mistake of putting the meat on my smoker still
    dripping wet. It came out great, but took a lot longer. Mine was very
    similar to what T-Roy did in his video. Next time I will dry it on paper
    towels first. Looking forward to your next smoker video!

  4. Great video man, everything looked good.
    One thing about ‘cleaning’ the inside of a WSM is that sometimes the lids
    does start to flake off some of the residue that has built up.
    I will brush that off every once in a while so those flakes do not ‘season’
    what is cooking.

  5. Jerky looks good JB and so do the ribs! I see you had a little malfunction
    with ya zippa. O.o lol Great video and take care 🙂 

  6. Damn JB I gotta try some of them BBQ Pintos. Here in WV we just cook them
    up in a crock pot with water and salt, and sometimes a bit of pork. I also
    love your jerky recipe! In WV we make deer jerky. Pretty much the same
    process. We cut the tenderloin into thin strips, put seasonings on the
    meat, keep it in the fridge for 24 hours, and then we usually put the meat
    into a fruit dehydrator. It takes a quite a bit longer to make in the
    dehydrator but you talk about damn good. Nothing compares to fresh deer

  7. Yes! I’m getting in the mood for some jerky. And automatically my mind said
    “can we smoke jerky”, and you got a video! You are the man. Have you ever
    done a smoked cheese video?

  8. No need for an airtight container! That stuff wouldnt have lasted long
    enough. I would eat all the jerky and maybe put the ribs in a container!
    lol Gonna try this some day! YUM!

  9. I’ve got a few racks of those Farmland ribs in my freezer. Only ones I will
    buy now. Love that they are already trimmed…just pull the silver skin and

  10. I saw a cutting board and got excited, but I should have known that you
    weren’t going to cut anything on it… Jerky looked good JB. I’ve been
    wanting to make some, but I want to try it from scratch with a wet

  11. I wouldn’t even try to slice it that thin. I’d pick out a roast and hand it
    to my meat guy, and have him run it through his slicer.

    The jerky looks *REAL* good! Like you said, more like bacon than regular

  12. Hey, JB! 🙂 Thanks for another great and instructional video, my
    friend! Wow, the pioneers used to carry this food to all parts of North
    America, so it is a classic staple, as well as a basic survival food.
    Great to see how it is actually made! Thumbs up, Jersey Joe

    PS looks as if it’s a little cooler down there for you now? 🙂 God

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