37 thoughts on “Make Your Own Beef Jerky! How to Make Beef Jerky in the Oven”

  1. Was I the only one who kept seeing chef John’s reflection on the bowl the
    whole time instead of what he was doing?

  2. I literally spend $60 a month on premade beef jerky (don’t even ask). This
    may be the best thing ever. 

  3. As big of meat eaters as we ‘Mericans are it infuriates me that the local
    butcher is a thing of the past in many locales. Most meat departments these
    days are pimple faced highschoolers who just unload pre-cut packaged meat
    on display.

  4. I just finished a bag of beef jerky my girlfriend gave me last night. It
    was so good, I was literally craving some more all day and was wondering if
    I can make my own. Then this shows up on my feed.

    …. You just answered my question. It’s a sign. I’m doing it.

  5. I have a question: I am now doing this recipe (or any Beef Jerky recipe)
    for the first time, I have marinated the meat for 3 hours in the fridge and
    I now put it on a rack above a baking sheet into the oven. I preheated the
    oven to 70-80 °C (that should be somewhere around 170-175F as you
    instructed. Now after 30 minutes of baking like this, the meat turned
    rather bright in colour, you know like when you normally cook beef. Was the
    oven too hot somehow? Does it turn dark brown again somewhere later in the
    process? I heard people sometimes pre-cook jerky in hot broth to kill any
    possible bacteria, but that would turn the meat opaque/greyish too, or not?
    Maybe I worry too much because I check every 10 minutes. Any jerky
    specialists here? :)

  6. You should try “bakwa” or the Singaporean style beef jerky. It’s far
    superior than any jerky I’ve tried (for my tastes ofc) :))

  7. the meat you used looks like “roullade” meat that we have here in germany.
    as you say it’s nice and wide and long, perfect for filling and rolling it
    up. I wonder if it’s actually the same cut of meat

  8. Chef John, I made this jerky recipe using both beef and fish and it was
    I used both thinly cut strips of top round from the butcher and I also
    tried individually vacuum sealed boneless skinless tilapia fillets sold
    frozen in four pound bags. I marinated the fish for 3 hours, cooked it at
    200 for four, and it came out really tasty. The first batch of beef that
    was with the fish for four hours was too long and a little crunchy, but
    it’s already gone so apparently it wasn’t too untasty 😉 The second batch
    of beef (which sat in the marinade for 7 hours, while the first one
    cooked), I cooked for 3 hours at 200 degrees and it was such a nice
    texture! Thank you for sharing that recipe, it was very delicious. And I
    really liked that it made fish taste good (not an easy accomplishment). 

  9. Using the oven you will cook the meat. I’ve found that (at least for me) it
    will taste much worse once cooked. I would recommend air circulator (food
    dehydrator/dehumidifier). They are very cheap and you can prepare many more
    beef jerky this way. Chef John’s recipe for the marinate is spot on ! I
    like to use some white pepper and sprinke the meat with hot pepper flakes
    once they are on the rack. I would also recommend hitting the meat with
    meat hammer several times if it’s to thick. 

  10. Could you substitute the smoked paprika and chili for some chipotle powder?
    For some reason I can’t ever find smoked paprika here in Sweden.

  11. “The edges can touch. They just can’t be on top of each other. ” That’s
    what my parents used to tell me and my girlfriend. We were talking about
    jerky of course.

  12. Funny, I just took my very first batch of jerky out of my DIY drier
    yesterday. First lesson: more seasoning. I only used salt and pepper.

  13. what do you know – I’m a honey–gal… Honey is my go-to sweetener too
    and I am happy to see it used… Thanks for sharing!

  14. just to put it in perspective

    a bag of jack links, about 8-10 pieces: $6.00 (usually more)
    package of flank steak, yielding about 15+ pieces: $4.50

  15. I’ve learned the hard way when making homemade beef jerky: Don’t overdo it
    on the cayenne. The cayenne flavor will overpower the jerky to the point
    where you cannot taste the beef (I coated mine with a layer of cayenne –

  16. Mr CJ…what’s your opinion on using maple syrup, instead of honey? Too
    weird? I don’t have honey, that’s why. 

  17. No butcher wants to do that for you. They have to partially freeze the meat
    and then set up and clean their slicer. It’s a sure fire way to make your
    butcher hate you. Source: I paid my way through college working for a

  18. I made this on Tuesday and boy is it good! I accidentally skipped the honey
    and missed it a bit in the finished product. I will definitely experiment
    with this. I’m thinking curry-turmeric or honey mustard variations.

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