How to Make Ground Deer Beef Jerky Sticks with Excalibur Dehydrator, with Recipe

Using my Excalibur Dehydrator to Make Ground Deer Jerky Sticks. You can do the same with Ground Beef 90 or 94 lean. I used a cake Icing gun to make the jerky. The Recipe is soy sauce, moores steak marinade, liquid smoke, teriyaki sauce, black pepper, and garlic powder.

17 thoughts on “How to Make Ground Deer Beef Jerky Sticks with Excalibur Dehydrator, with Recipe”

  1. thank you very much. you are too kind. i am so excited you liked the video. i so enjoy sharing on youtube and when you say such nice stuff i makes you feel so glad that i found a source like youtube to share and make friends. if i can ever answer a questions feel free to ask. kim

  2. Kim, you are just a wealth of information and you just tickle me talking about what that looks like. I love that you just love sharing everything you do which shows what an incredible person you are! You are such a blessing to everyone whether they know it or not.

  3. you are so welcome. i am so happy to share. wesker is a doll in mama’s eyes. lol
    thanks you so much for watching my video. kim

  4. Thank you for the tip on when to buy meats. I have made jerky similar to the way you made yours. My husband and coworkers love it. Great job sweet little boy…..Paula

  5. I posted a link to your FB page and the video on my facebook profile and on my Preppers facebook page!

  6. thanks so much and thanks for watching. and…ok ok you can say it… it looked like dog poo. lol lol

  7. i have not seen a cookie gun before but i will have to check prices and see which one is best value for the amount of money compared to the one that will work the best. i so hope your hubby gets a deer as this jerky is so great. thanks you so much for watching. kim

  8. i know he is so cute. i have been showing him his videos. i think in his little brain he decided his performance was poor as he is hamming it up now. lol when he watches his videos he talks to himself encouraging himself. lol lol

  9. You are so resourceful - looks like that little icing decorator worked great. I had wondered if one of those cookie presses would work. We used to have a big metal one, prob 3″ across and about 8″ long – just like for icing only bigger. They make electric cookie guns too. Don’t know pricing – ground meat may not work but that cookie dough is pretty stiff. Your jerky looked really good – hubby heading out hunting next month. I might be making some myself with any luck. Thanks always, Kim!!

  10. yayy!!! he said it, to funny (You know now you will have to put puffy’s treats up high are he will be trying them LOL!!!!) He is too too cute love the video…..

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