How to make Ground Beef Jerky

I tell my secret of making my beef jerky. I show the easy way I have discoverd to make Ground Beef Jerky. I hope this helps all the jerly makers out there.

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  1. yeah, it was simple but I actually found this helpful. I’ve made jerky from cuts of meat, but never from minced before, so was unsure whether the procedure was the same, so thanks!

  2. Great idea, I think I actually tried using a cake icing decorating bag with a flat tip once but the meat was too hard to squeeze out. Maybe I didn’t mash it up enough. That may be an idea. That may have been where I came up with the cake turner table idea.

  3. haha nice! loved the beer can idea…. sadly i wasnt able to use your advice as i was too excited to make it i ended up putting it in a plastic ziplock bag when i finished making it into a thick mush and then i cut off a corner and mushed it out like a pastry bag, then i took a spoon, dipped the bottem of it in water and massaged the logs into thin strips….. they are cooking at 170 F right now as we speak!

  4. Before I discovered the Jerky gun I would mix the ground beef up and mash it with a potato masher until it was pasty like puddy. I would lay the meat on the counter then roll it flat with a beer can because I didn’t have a rolling pin. After it was flat, and as thin as I could get it without falling apart I cut it in strips with a pizza cutter then gently picked the strips up with a spatula and placed them on the trays. 

  5. hahaha same… i made jerky only once but i did it by cutting strips out of a slab of steak as an experiment which now got me addicted to jerky like a fat kid on cake. I plan to bring this out to the field to share with my fellow soldiers. since im going to try it your way… how can i make pretty strips like yours without a jerky gun?

  6. lol when i saw you put the meat on the tray i was like damn thats easy hahaha then i hit my staples that was easy button lol can i use turkey for this? also how long does this last?

  7. Very nice. I have made jerky from scratch using eye of round roast and that has turned out pretty tasty. After dehydrating, I put the jerky in a smoker oven for a few minutes to pick up a nice smoky taste. Hope you’ll take a look sometime. I have not tried using hamburger yet, but your video makes it look very easy to do. Thanks for the great idea!

  8. Fantastic! I love the turnTable idea. Gonna give this a go. thank you . Create a Great day Cheers;-)) Now if only you can show us, how to make same beef jerky in

  9. Firstly, thanks for the fast reply. I just got my first patch out of the oven and they tasted good taking that this is my first time I make my own jerky using an oven. Anyway thanks again. I will be trying your method this weekend.

  10. I use ground beef because there is no marinating time. With sliced meat you have to let it soak for several hours of over night.

  11. I loved the use of tools, great vid in general. I want to ask you why you ground your meat not slice it? Oh one more thing dont give much attention to some bad comments if thats what works with you then its no ones business. Greetings from Jordan.

  12. I made it exactly like you said and it is really really good so the people that keep putting the bad commits stop until you actually try the stuff its really good

  13. Probably the easiest, fastest way to make a ton of good tasty jerky, no bs involved just grab your spices get the right tools for the job and you are good to go. Definitely an excellent video, nice touch with the cake turner too! Would have made tonights batch much easier. You sir, are brilliant for sharing this with the world. Thank you for what it’s worth.

    (To the people who’s panties got all knotted up, screw you this method is beast, prolly a bunch of wimpy vegans.)

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