15 thoughts on “Homemade Ground Beef Jerky Sticks”

  1. I have a recipe for beef stick that’s similar and produces larger summer sausages. Yes, it does need to be refrigerated. Mine has a lot of other spices and salt, which would make it possible to can, but I’m not so sure about simply vacuum-sealing.

  2. naw…slim jims are more of a sausage…and for jerky….fat bad…lean good…and i dont know if ya call this jerky…ya cooked it…jerky is not cooked

  3. those look like cat turds in the dehydrator..lol…i would still eat it though and i would tell your buddies to make their own damn jerky if they didn’t like they way you made it.

  4. It is overly crispy, you don’t have to put it in the oven at all, but I did it that way to make someone feel better about eating it… If I did it over I would just say, eat it or not…

  5. It lasts a while, and it is a little strange, but its really no different than slim jims…. Like I said, I like normal jerky better, but some people I do this for like this better.

  6. This looks too strange! How long does cooked hamburger jerky last? Do you have to refrigerate it? Seems like it would spoil.

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