12 thoughts on “Ground beef jerky… Fail”

  1. I use top round that I grind up my self. Comes out perfect. I know this video older but, I wanted to comment.

  2. You need more salt or nitrates and the meat needs to cure overnight before using the jerky gun and drying. The wet ingredients add more moisture the the meat. Use only dry ingredients. Try a good dry cure like any of the ones from hi mountain. The cost around $7.00 I have the same gun and it has always turned out great.

  3. Leave the oven door slightly cracked open and possibly have a small fan blowing to circulate the air. Jerky is made by the evaporation of moisture & heat. If there is no air circulation, then you’re just baking the meat.

  4. Fat finger that stuff with your man hands LOL, Your talking about jerky and playing with some kinda plastic pump? I’ll take the burger

  5. The gun was RED!! lol

    I think the fat content in the ground beef we too high. I am not giving up on this method, I think this way will work best for wild game jerky.

  6. I am pretty sure your failure had everything to do with the pink jerky gun. LOL

    No, seriously…could it be the mollases in the bbq sauce?  Seems that would make it not dehydrate properly.

    Nice try though.

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