11 thoughts on “( Damn Good Beef Jerky “Hawaiian Style Teriyaki” )”

  1. Oh thats kool bro u just was the best on here but ihave to say iam into airsoft so thats good videos and the new ones just keep them comeing bro

  2. @gerald mcdaniel I don’t do incense anymore plus it gets my channel flagged by trolls putting those kind if videos up

  3. Hey EvilDed how come you dont do anymore reviews on herbal incense bro i miss the cool brands and blends you brought to us

  4. @cryptkeep666 yea that’s what I was thinking, tasted just like California brand teriyaki sauce wich is one if my favorites for chicken and pork

  5. Looks (damn good),,get u some jacks links,,its the best,,it also comes n teriyaki flav,,one of my favorite flavs as well,but i like kipperd crakked blackpepper,,,kick ass bro

  6. oh man that looks like it would taste really good! lol cool! i had no idea they made tv dinner flavoured gum lol! lol they always make the bag a bitch to open lol! im craving beef jerky now…dammit lol! i bet the franks red hot would be good too! really cool vids, Evilded!

  7. @greggfla thanks brother, I was very tasty indeed!! Or perhaps an Icy cold glass of jack Daniels on the rocks would be a great combo too!!!

  8. I could go for some damn good beef jerky and an icy cold beer right now! It really looks good! 7 out of 10, that’s pretty good! Peace!

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