37 thoughts on “Beef Jerky That Gets You HIGH?!? – Food Feeder”

  1. Yes, I’m high right now. I was packing my second bowl when you asked us to
    leave a comment telling you if we’re high.

    Hold up…gotta spark.

    yeah, so anyways…I’m high.

  2. Guys, give the people what they want and get high..also nude pics of the
    office girls.

    They’re literally all hot. 

  3. Not really a fan of edibles. Don’t enjoy the duration of the high. I like
    to be stoned for a little bit not hours lol.

  4. Why is there nothing this good in the UK i’ll probably get second thoughts
    after eating it and throw up but it will be worth it.

  5. its 620 in the morning… not high till i get payed :(. Only smoke once in
    a blue moon. Mr. gluten needs to do more weed infused edibles

  6. The weed infused mayo is from a Belgian style fries franchise in the
    Netherlands, and no it doesn’t get you high either. But it tastes good if
    you have the munchies. 

  7. I watch Tasted mostly when I’m high anyway, so yeah Noah, I’m high. Like
    your show, and I wouldn’t turn down dealer amounts of regular beef jerky

  8. The question is, do I tell the landlord that the guys that are installing
    glass in the flat beneath mine are smoking… Or do I just ask them to
    share. One way or another, I have cake.

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